Testimonials List Rowena B, January 2015

Rowena B, January 2015

I had 3 months to organise my wedding before moving overseas. Legends were really good, you can buy straight off the rack or order in. I was just slightly too big for my dress so they called the designer & made sure we could get it in my size on time. The dress ended up being delayed by about 2 weeks and only arrived 4 days before having to leave for the wedding (got married over east). Obviously I was anxious, especially when I wasn’t hearing from the store about the dresses arrival. One staff member took it upon herself to ensure I was called every few days with progress reports. As it was a busy time of year, they couldn’t re-schedule my fitting because they were fully booked. They did however put me onto an ex-colleague Louise who did my fittings & alterations. She was absolutely amazing.