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In-House Alterations


What are the chances that you will find the perfect dress that fits like a glove?

We have extensive experience in the bridal industry and found that due to the different materials and cuts of wedding gowns, a perfect fit is almost impossible.

Our services extend to beyond just selling you the perfect gown.  Susan and the staff at Legends have only one thought in mind … to make sure you look perfect on your wedding day and that your gown fits your body as if it was made for you in mind!  At Legends Bridal, we understand the needs of women. We have all the industry secrets to make this happen for you.

Our seamstress is so talented almost anything is possible!  Alterations range from hems to bustles to lace ups to downsizing and the result is tailor-made perfection.  We can make it happen.

Please contact us for further information about this service.

We also offer this service to garments that are not purchased at our store.