Farewell Linda

On the 11th March, 2016 Linda Moon said goodbye to Legends Bridal House.  Linda has owned Legends Bridal House in Joondalup since 1992 and has worked very hard for many years establishing a thriving business in the retail bridal industry.  Linda and her husband John have decided to retire and enjoy the simple things in life!   This was a difficult decision for Linda to make but she leaves Legends Bridal House a very happy woman, knowing that the business will continue to grow and thrive in the capable hands of a former employee, Susan Matthews and her daughter Brooke Hammerton.  Susan has worked with Linda for nearly 10 years and is extremely knowledgeable in this industry.

This month Linda celebrated her retirement with a surprise dinner at the Joondalup Resort.  It was a lovely evening catching up with some of her previous employees and of course her current staff and the new owners.

Linda, the staff at Legends Bridal House, your family and friends all wish you and John a long and happy retirement together.  Well done for your fabulous contribution to the bridal industry.

From The Ladies at Legends Bridal House xxx