Finding a Theme for Your Wedding

Blue Wedding Theme

Deciding on your wedding day theme is a lot like deciding on the person you want to marry one day.

It has to make you smile, it shouldn’t cost a fortune and it should bring you fond memories. The problem is there are two of you. It is simple enough to choose a theme for your own birthday for example, but choosing a wedding theme is another ball game altogether.

There is a lot more to consider for a wedding than a simple party. Your partner has to be 100% happy with the choice as well, which makes it challenging. How is it possible when he likes rock and roll and she likes soft jazz? Compromise, compromise, compromise.


The first thing to do when you start planning a wedding is to settle on a budget. This takes priority over every other factor. Forget about the theme for one second. Actually, forget about the dress, the mother-in-law, the honeymoon, the venue and the food. Once your budget is set, the rest will be easy to plan, and with regard to your theme, you’ll be able to narrow the choices down based on your budget.

If you had your heart set on a carnival theme complete with a Ferris wheel and you arriving on an elephant but you only have a $6000 budget, then you’ll save yourself lot of time researching and collecting quotes for something so farfetched.


Remember, as much as people say it’s all about the bride (in her mind it can be) but this day is about you and your partner. You fell in love with each other’s personality so that should be celebrated. Yes, we can’t all agree on the same things but find similarities. Even though opposites attract, there is still something you two have in common that makes you click and work together as a couple.

If you are both cut from the same cloth, then it’s simple, but the last thing you want to do is make your partner feel uncomfortable because he/she is an introvert. Rather sacrifice your inner flamboyance for one day to ensure that your partner is completely at ease – the attention will still be on the two of you, don’t worry.

Special memories

Why not base your theme on a special moment you and your partner share? If your first date was at the beach, a beach-themed wedding could be perfect. Think of all the milestones in your relationship – where you first met, first kiss, first gift, the proposal.

All these memories could be the clue to choosing the ideal wedding theme. Even if you two just enjoy going away for weekends, a getaway or destination wedding could be a great theme to complement that. It also makes for great stories at the wedding. You and your guests will have great fun sharing stories about how the theme was chosen.

What forms part of a theme?

You do not have to cover every inch of your wedding in the theme. If you are planning to include the theme in every single detail of your wedding, please don’t. It can become overwhelming and will look like an overkill, which will distract the guests from the reason why you’re there, which is to celebrate your love.

Save the dates and invitations are the indications to the guest about the theme, and it should be carried in all communications. You can choose between the furniture and the decorations to be part of the theme. If you are having your wedding on the beach, it would be way too much for the guests to sit on plastic chairs and admire the sand and sea shells you’ve laid out on the table. It’s one or the other. Don’t forget about the wedding gown and bridesmaids dress, those should definitely be part of the theme.

Just keep a good balance.

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