Dressing Up for Your Daughter’s Wedding

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Dressed to make you look really good while celebrating her big day

Whether your daughter’s chosen a traditional or elegant wedding dress, as mother of the bride, you also want to look the part on her wedding day. This is a momentous and memorable occasion, one you’ve been waiting for, for many years, so looking good is your only option. Your little girl is a woman now and you play an important role on her special day. So, give yourself and your dress some attention.

Gone are the days when the mother of the bride would pull that dress out of the mothball-laden wrapping, dust it off and take to the aisle. These days, moms are taking to the stage alongside their daughters, and, thanks to the many beautiful styles available, are sometimes attracting almost as much attention as the bride herself.

Chic, traditional, modern, classic; your options are endless. The dress rules that once dictated the styles of mothers of the brides have loosened, and while the bride is still the focus, moms are free to look great as well.

Yes, there is a whole range of affordable, stylish mother of the bride designer gowns available, all you need to do is decide which one is for you.


Soft, elegant silk chiffon dresses, softly structured to discretely follow your body’s silhouette, are ideal for your daughter’s summer wedding. If it’s a cooler summer evening event, this style can be completed with a lovely cropped jacket of the same material, which will finish off the look without detracting from the sophistication of the design.


For the fashion-forward mom. If you prefer not to wear a jacket, you can opt for a stunningly refined sleek, figure hugging dress that hangs down to your ankles, and is offset by open-toed kitten heeled shoes. Choose a colour the complements your skin tone and makes your eyes stand out. Sleek dresses look particularly beautiful with an accessory that captures the eye but doesn’t detract from the elegance of the gown.

Two piece

Many mothers are opting for formal, informal or relaxing pantsuits. You can pair stylish trousers with soft layered chiffon tops in various styles; choose cowl or halter-neck, off-the-shoulder or strapless designs suitable for summer, when vibrant colours are also in fashion. Select a stylish champagne, ivory, elegant soft grey, or even an ocean blue suit. If you prefer, you can go for complementary colours for the top and trousers. So many charming options to choose from.

Understated elegances

Perhaps your daughter has decided on a relaxed theme that calls for something more carefree; in this case you can opt for an informal pantsuit – a versatile design – or a summer dress accessorised by a charming hat and wedges. This particularly style is perfect in vibrant colours such as yellow and blue, or even a stone-coloured floor-length design, complete with stylish sandals so it’s not overdressed.

Take the time to choose something that will make you comfortable, and make you proud to complement the style of your daughter on the most important day of her life. It’s not an occasion to exclude yourself from the style department, why not look great and set the trend for other mothers.

Now pick up the phone, contact Legends Bridal, make an appointment for you and your daughter where you can enjoy a mother-daughter day of trying on unique weddings gowns and exceptional mother-of-the-bride dresses. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to indulge both of you.