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While all eyes will be on you during your wedding, there’s another group of people that also need to look their best. Yes, you guessed it, your bridesmaids. Like the wedding, bridesmaid dresses also need some careful consideration, especially if they have different body types.

So when you and your best girls go dress shopping, consider the following:

  • Fabric

In the world of dressmaking, fabric is the big ‘F’ word. Of course, a dress is nothing without it, which is why it’s important to find fabric to suit every body type. Heavy material will not look well on a curvier, shorter figure. Take a look at lighter textures that will fall and flow well, and accentuate those beautiful curves.

  • The fit

Finding the right fit for your bridesmaids is important. There are certain cuts that won’t flatter slimmer shapes, just as there are cuts that don’t flatter curvier shapes. So, if you have different body types, consider an A-line dress – they look great on all body shapes.

  • ¾ sleeves

Sleeves look great on every gown and work on every height and size. Remember, sleeves on a dress don’t have to be plain – add a touch of elegance with lace or a similar light material.

  • Sheath dress

Believe it or not, a streamlined dress can work for all body shapes. The secret is to keep the hemline below the knee. For most women, this is the narrowest party of their leg and the dress will make your legs appear longer.  Of course, the tallest and most petite bridesmaids may have to tailor a bit to find the ideal length. Fortunately for you, we can help.

  • Colours

Black is a slimming colour but it’s slimming because it is one colour. This means that you can choose a range of colours for bridesmaid’s dresses. A monochromatic statement will length and streamline the body, no matter what the shade. When you do choose a colour, make sure the fabric is light.

  • Wear separates

If you’re a bride looking for something modern and unique for your bridesmaids, try separate tops and skirts. This will minimise the time spent on finding dresses to fit everyone.

  • Long dresses

Your bridesmaids will walk down the aisle looking ethereal with long dresses that are flowy and light. Long dresses are easy to wear, fashionable, chic and very comfortable. If your bridesmaids differ in height, we have a tailoring service that can easily adjust the hemline.

  • Short dresses

Short dresses are flirty and fun to wear, and provide a contemporary look for your wedding; just make sure that the dress is not too tight or short. Try a cut-above-the-knee sheath, A-line or flowing. A wedding should always be classy and your bridal party should reflect that.

Wedding dress shopping is a fun experience. While shopping at Legends Bridal, you will enjoy peace of mind knowing that you’ll find what you’re looking for at the right price.

Legends Bridal sells affordable dresses, and we have an extended size range, which you won’t find in the majority of bridal dress stores. We have all the sizes for you and your bridal party to try on, and if the dress doesn’t fit, we have an in-house alterations service to help out.

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